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BYKO-LAT Wooden Houses - Your wooden house manufacturer!

BYKO-LAT Wooden Houses was established as a separate business line in 2005 and since then it focuses on engineering and production of custom-made prefabricated timber frame element and modular houses. Offered services also include delivery and assembly of elements and external finishing.

We employ the team of engineers with more than 15 years of experience and know-how in the design and production of prefabricated timber frame element houses. By putting to use our technical and creative skills, as well as the latest up-to-date equipment, we can offer custom made solutions for each and every customer.

Our main markets are Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Belgium and Latvia. 

High quality wooden windows and doors are produced within the company by another division.

Our services



Our engineer office will apply our timber frame building method to your project.

Structural engineering services are subcontracted to the best structural engineering offices in Latvia.

Our design includes careful detailing works on every single connection of the house to provide appropriate building solutions.

Data or carefully designed 3D module of the house is sent to our CNC machinery for accurate and precise timber pre-cutting process.



Timber frame elements are being produced by highly skilled and experienced factory workers.

Inspections and tests are done according to internal quality management system. If necessary we provide alternative and independent expertise.

All finished elements are wrapped in plastic and stored in the indoor and outdoor supply sheds.



Timber frame elements are delivered to customers by truck-trailers by road or in open top containers by the sea.

Timber frame modular homes are delivered to customers by land as oversized cargo with low floor platforms, or by chartering a separate vessel.

For many years created and carefully developed cooperation with the best transport logistic service providers allow us to make deliveries at certain times even to the furthest destinations for our products.



For the assembly of elements on site we provide professional assembly team that usually consists of 4-5 highly skilled carpenters.

Another option is to have all works carried out by your local contractors under our supervision and guidance. For this option can provide one experienced team member to supervise assembling works in site.

After sales service

After sales service

After-sales service is an integral part of a successful cooperation with our customers. We guarantee quality of our delivered products and we ensure that customers are happy to live in our manufactured houses !


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Starting 2020, our production processes take place in a new, modern and climate-controlled factory, providing excellent working conditions for every factory employee.

The factory is characterized by flexibility, safety, accurate quality and a desire to contribute to the achievement of our customers' goals.

Technical equipment

The day-to-day work of the design office is done with AutoCAD and hsbCAD software.

We perform wood processing with Hundegger CNC automatic sawing machine.

hsbCAD is special software that allows you to develop a detailed 3D timber frame house model on an AutoCAD based platform. It allows to combine all stages of construction of a wooden frame house, ensuring data flow without losing information throughout the design process.